It won’t be long now!

It’s almost time for our new website and webshop containing our new jewellery and artefacts designed and produced by Master Goldsmith David J. Butler.

Murphy’s Law is known to most English-speaking people. It’s when things don’t go as planned.

We want the coming commitment to be just right and somethings have caused delays that were out of our control. Not problems – just David refusing to accept second best!


Working long days, we are slowly catching up with previous orders and will be spending the summer break in the workshop. 

We are gradually fine-tuning our new, amazing workshop, which has taken longer than expected due to our orders keeping us far busier than we anticipated.

We travel to Vicenza in northern Italy on the 18th of January for a week-long visit to the main European Goldsmiths Fair to purchase the final pieces of machinery to complete the workshop and production system. We don’t want to be like many others – we prefer to keep our production in-house, using only a subcontractor to help with our stone-setting. 


Classic Masterpieces

Some viewers of this ring will recognise the style from the 60s-70s. Wiven Nilsson comes to mind. The strange thing is that Davids’s professor at his College in England was a Scandifreak and even owned a 70’s SAAB. It was in the library there where David became hypnotised by the clean but sophisticated styles of Swedish design. Who would guess that David just four years later would move to Sweden and begin the journey towards becoming a Master Goldsmith and well known profile in the jewellery trade.


 years later

Sometimes, drastic moves have to be made in our lives. After 35 years at Engelbrektsgatan 7, we found our creativity was stagnating and overburdened decided to move the studio section of our business to Holmgången, on Södra Förstadsgatan, Malmö. This allowed us far more time for our new project but even this became delayed due to Covid and broken arms!

We share the House of Design with another company, Goldsmith Thomas Everlund and we complement each other well even though we are two are separate Companies.



The new and really exciting change in our everyday life is the final installation of a new, modern workshop, full of equipment that will help us to produce our new collections in-house.



We could never leave our clients, who have become the backbone of our development over the years. Therefore, we continue to meet with clients for five hours weekly for a free consultation and design development, preferably by booking via email or telephone.

Old is the NEw New

A taste of what what is coming.

A signum for David work over the years has been a desire to produce the best of the best. Often better than many High-End brands. He gives each piece the time it needs to become a masterpiece.

Just look at this ring. One of several in the coming collection. Made in 22K gold with our own special alloy, much harder than standard 22K gold, its style is based on Roman rings from the 3rd century. Not copies, but interpretations of the forms that were modern 1700 years ago. Who would guess!


A bit of Blue? Why not!  A stylish clean design set of rings with a twist. Hypermodern techniques using a ceramic based polymer which is just as hard as the metal itself. Many colours will be available in due course and the jewellery styles will be everything from clean to extreme. So be prepared.

This technique is really exciting as there are so many potentials in developing designs with this a base.


One oF A Kind

Shop Online OR Come on In!

We plan to sell our new collections on this site and in Holmgången, Malmö. We have set a time line so that these pieces will be presented over the coming 20 months, so it will be easiest to follow this development by joining our mailing list to keep yourself informed as the collections reach fruition.

We are very excited

To be able to offer you our own designer jewellery Brand ”David J. Butler”  in a website forum. Once fully running, our delivery time will be just days, and not weeks unlike many other Brands.